Tecnifibre Carboflex X Speed 130

  • $189.99

Tecnifibre Carboflex X Speed 130 – used by Marwan El Shorbagy #4 currently on the PSA World Tour.

New for this year, the X speed 130 is slightly stiffer and slightly more head heavy than the previous year. It is for the player who wants a bit more power from a slightly heavier racquet compared to the 125 X speed. Both weight and balance are increased with more plow through to push through the ball on the swing.

Factory strung with DNAMX 17g, a high quality multifilament string that is slightly stiffer than the popular 305 green resulting in more power and cut on the ball.

  • Weight 130g +/- 5g
  • Headsize 500cm² / (77.5in²)
  • Even balance 355 +/- 5mm
  • String: Tecnifibre DNAMX 17g / 1.20mm
  • Grip: Squash Dry Grip – Black