Prince Pro Vortex 650 19
Prince Pro Vortex 650 19

Prince Pro Vortex 650 19

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Prince Pro Vortex 650 19 – new for this year the Pro Vortex is built with version 2 of Textreme graphite for additional performance and Twaron fibers for increased durability.

The Pro Vortex weighs in at 125 grams bare frame with a more head light balance at 330mm. All of this means the racquet swings fast to generate power.

  • Frame weight:125 grams
  • Balance: 330mm (head light)
  • Factory strung & Full cover
  • Grip: Prince Resipro squash (white)

Prince has taken the line up and split it into 2 versions: the Pro and the Elite.In each of these versions they have three weight classifications: 120g / 125g / 130g.

The Pro versions ( Vortex, Phoenix, & Hyper) are built using V2 of Textreme graphite and Twaron fiber for increased performance.

The Elite versions are built using 100% High Modulus Graphite.

From the initial hit the Pro versions (Vortex, Phoenix, and Hyper) all hit with a more dampened / solid feel whereas the Elite versions built with 100% HM Graphite have a definite livelier feel when the ball comes off the stringbed.

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