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Tecnifibre X Top 130

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Tecnifibre X Top 130

The Tecnifibre Squash Carboflex 130 X-Top Racket is ideal for intermediate to advanced players.

Weighing 130 grams coupled with a 500 cm² head, the Carboflex 130 X-Top offers a good combination of power and maneuverability. Its balance of 350 millimeters brings more precision and control.

With its construction without bumper, the construction of the racquet head has been revisited. The latter thus includes a combination of active fibres, the X-Top , in order to offer maximum resistance, speed and playability. Essential of the Tecnifibre Carboflex range , the Airshaft section redraws the lines of the Carboflex 130 X-Top, for more aerodynamics while promoting acceleration. 

Also present on previous models, the X-Arms provide more stability to the racquet and increase precision at ball impact. 

Finally, the Extended String Holes increase spin grip and tolerance on off-center hits thanks to the enlargement of 12 eyelets in key places (3H, 9H and 12H).

Racket sold strung with Dynamix VP and a full sleeve.

Customer Reviews

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Kean Leong Ho
Technifibre Carboflex X-Top 130 Review

To be perfectly honest, despite the hoo-ha it generated, I'm not thoroughly impress with the racket given the exorbitant price tag. Technifibre claimed that it is a 'balanced' racket but it feels slightly 'head-heavy' which affect the feel of racket - particularly my drop shots. I fact, I still prefer to use my old Technifibre Carboflex 130 X-Speed - which is balanced because it is more maneuverable.
In addition, the grip that comes with the X-Top is too thin, flat and not tacky enough in spite of its durability. I had to replace it with two thin grips - with Head Prime Pro grip on the outside to get the perfect size that suits me.
On the plus side, the X-Top feels more powerful on driving the ball. In addition, you can feel that it is significantly easier to pick up shots that are very tight to the wall because of the absence of bumper guard. The Kevlar X-Top has proven to be durable thus far. I would urge Technifibre to come out with 120g and head-light X-Top versions in the future.