Prince Textreme Pro Airstick Lite 550 17/18

  • $149.99
  • Save $30

Prince Textreme Pro Airstick Lite 550 – 2017/18 model – features full woven Textreme graphite in the head to enhance the power and stability in an all-ready great frame.

Built in a new factory from last year the 2017/18 model 550 is said to have improved durability. Textreme graphite has been used in the whole width of the head of the racquet improving the experience.

Best way to tell if you received the 2017/18 model is look on the inside of the frame and there should be red leopard sports (2nd picture). If it is black with silver lines you got the years previous model.

The Power Ring technology helps to increase the size of the sweetspot as well as move it higher in the frame where most balls are hit. It also makes it easier to hit balls wallpapered to the side wall.

  • Headsize 74.5 in2 / 480 cm2
  • Weight :Unstrung 130 grams
  • Balance Point: Unstrung 36.0 cm
  • String Pattern 16 x 17
  • Power Level 550
  • Factory String: Prince 17G Black
  • Grip: Prince Resipro