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Prince Pro Phoenix 750 19

by Prince
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Prince Pro Phoenix 750 19 – the Pro Phoenix 750 is built with version 2 of Textreme graphite for additional performance and Twaron fibers for increased durability.

The Pro Phoenix 750 weighs in at 130 grams bare frame with a head light balance at 335mm. The Phoenix model has more stability in comparison to the Pro Vortex and Hyper models because of the 5 gram increase in weight and 5mm more head heavy.

Also the string pattern is more open in the phoenix with 14 mains and 15 crosses. The result is more bite on the ball and more power.

  • Frame weight:130 grams
  • Balance: 335mm (head light)
  • Factory strung
  • Grip: Prince Resipro squash (white)
  • Power Level: 750

Prince has taken the line up and split it into 2 versions: the Pro and the Elite.In each of these versions they have three weight classifications: 120g / 125g / 130g.

The Pro versions ( Vortex, Phoenix, & Hyper) are built using V2 of Textreme graphite and Twaron fiber for increased performance.

The Elite versions are built using 100% High Modulus Graphite.

From the initial hit the Pro versions (Vortex, Phoenix, and Hyper) all hit with a more dampened / solid feel whereas the Elite versions built with 100% HM Graphite have a definite livelier feel when the ball comes off the stringbed.

Another feature of the Prince racquets are the Power Level indicators. In essence as a racquet increases in weight or to a more head heavy balance the power level will go up. As the Power level goes down the racquet becomes quicker and more maneuverable. The Prince racquets we carry range in Power Level from 500 – 750.