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Head Graphene Touch Speed 120 Slimbody

by Head
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Head Graphene Touch Speed 120 Slimbody

Constructed using new the Graphene Touch, it has been modified by adding Kraibon for improved shock absorption. This delivers unparalleled touch without compromising the power level of Graphene.

Slim Body design and indeed the beam width is very thin giving the impression of fast and quick.

In stock form the racquet is head light at 340mm. Combine that with the teardrop head and you get a racquet that is easy to maneuver but with good power.

Noticeable also is the medium flex of the racquet. Measuring it on our Babolat RDC machine it comes up at 36 RDC units which is on the medium side. This is good as the flex will help with feel on the ball. The 120 SB is just slightly stiffer than the 135 SB.

Also in stock form the racquet comes strung in the Conventional pattern. Head has created a stringing design (AFP – Adaptive Fan pattern) that a good stringer can string one of two ways, see picture above:

  • Fan pattern (16×17) – a combination of power and control – must be restrung
  • Conventional (12×17) – more aimed for power – strung at the factory this way

AFP is an interesting design feature and one that helps to further fine tune the racquet to the player.

WEIGHT: 120 grams (unstrung)


BALANCE: 360mm (even)

BEAM: 17 mm

STRING PATTERN: 12×17 (FACTORY) or 16×17

COMPOSITION: Head Graphene Touch with Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP)

COLOR: Black/Blue

Pro Players playing with - Nour El Tayeb.