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Franklin Ben Johns 13mm BK

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Franklin Ben Johns 13mm BK - Designed by Pickleball pro Ben Johns, the Ben Johns Signature paddle was made for high level competition.

Featuring MaxGrit technology, this paddle pushes the limits by offering the highest texture levels allowed by USA Pickleball, making it possible to tap into lethal levels of spin. Additionally, a fiberglass-hitting surface provides an optimal balance of power and control, while an oversized sweetspot ensures consistency no matter the contact point.
Approved by the USAPA for competitive and tournament play, this paddle has all the ingredients to help you take your game to the next level.
First Impressions
The Ben Johns models have been very popular among amateurs and pros alike.
The first thing you notice is the longer handle and the heft in the hand. It is not for the timid. A longer grip size enables two hands on the grip if you prefer.
The 13mm model has more power and is a little lighter compared to the 16mm models. The ball comes off the face in a consistent manner and is slightly muted due to the core and fiberglass face.
Definitely worth a try and it won't break the bank.
Ben Johns no longer plays with this model or company and has moved to Joola (which we carry).


Weight: 7.6 oz - 8 oz
Core: Polypropylene
Hitting Surface:Fiberglass
Grip Size: 4 1/4 in
Handle Length: 5.6 in
Paddle Length:16.5 in
Paddle Width: 7.5 in
Paddle Thickness: 13 mm
Factory Grip:Franklin Wrap

Customer Reviews

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13 mm Ben Johns Signature Paddle In Black

This paddle is well balanced, good for spin and control without sacrificing power. It has a large sweet spot and very responsive.