Eye X Lite 130 Control Golan

  • $189.99

    • Shape: Closed-throat
    • String pattern: Control
    • Flexibility: Touch
    • Balance: Head-Heavy
    • Head size: 490 cm2
    • Weight: 130gr (frame only)
    • No cover.
    • Factory strung : Nylon 17g

    This frame is the heaviest of the X Lite models and the balance is distributed towards the head. This will suit those wanting to gain more momentum through the shot with a full swing. A classic weight of stroke racket.

    With all of Eyes high performance frames the bumper has been removed and the head of the racquet reinforced for ultimate performance. This is a practice done by many top players including Gregory Gaultier of France and Mohammad El Shorbagy of Egypt.

    Warranty for Eye racquet product is 1 year on all breaks below the 3 0’clock and 9 0’clock. Above that there is no warranty for impact related breaks (jagged, green-stick break site).