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Compressport Pro Silicon R2

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Born in Switzerland, where sports is paired with comfort, the Pro R2 calf sleeves are now touring around the world, accompanying professional athletes in such intense sports as trail, triathlon, mountain climbing, vertical racing and cycling, and enabling them to go the extra mile. The Pro Silicon R2 has been specifically designed to suit racket professionals.

The Tops of the PRO SILICON R2

  • More than 200 silicon spikes surround the ankle and supports the Achilles tendon; muscles, veins and joints are protected from shocks and tendon problems are avoided.

  • Muscle fatigue is delayed, injury is minimized and resistance to effort is enhanced

  • As compression acts on the veins, muscle oxygenation is improved; blood circulates better, leaving the legs in complete lightness.

  • Worn after effort, recovery is reached faster and thanks to the massaging patented fibre it is made of, well-being and lightness are guaranteed.

  • A K-Protect band, specificity of COMPRESSPORT`s know-how, compresses the patellar tendon thus supporting the knees. Vibrations are reduced, joint movement is eased and knee pain is prevented.

  • The R2 detoxifies as lactic acid and toxins are not allowed to build up.

  • The R2 breathes with you through colds, winds and heats so your body stays in adequate temperature always.

See image 2 for sizing (T1: small, T2: medium, T3: large, T4: xlarge)