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upgrade squash racquet

How Can I Upgrade My Squash Racquet?

There are quite a few reasons why you may want to upgrade your squash racquet.

First on the list is when the strings of the racquet break. However, it is not necessary to wait until the strings are damaged before you upgrade your squash racquet. Some players may swap out their strings based on preference and performance.

You can also choose to upgrade your squash racquet if you notice that you are unable to get the same performance that you used to when the racquet was new. That is an indication that your racquet has lost tension and elasticity and needs new strings. 

Factors to consider when upgrading a squash racquet 

When you decide to restring your squash racquet, it is advisable to pay attention to every detail that impacts how effective the racquet will be. Such as: 

Bumper and grommet strips: The bumper and grommet strips are an integral part of a squash racquet and one that people often don’t pay attention to. A bumper kit helps to reduce the impact of the racquet against the wall and floor as well as help to prevent the strings from breaking. Restringing your racquet without replacing the bumper & grommet strips can result in the strings breaking prematurely.

String tension: It is essential to consider the type of spring tension that is compatible with your playing style. Higher tension stringing of 24-30 lbs is perfect for players who love to control the ball with drops and more accurate placement of the ball. 

Lower string tension of 24 lbs and below are suitable for players who aim for power shots because the flexible spring of the string will propel the ball at impact, giving it more power but less control. Similar to how a trampoline works. 

String Gauge: A squash racquet strung with thicker strings is best for durability but not for performance because they are less elastic and not as powerful. Thinner strings are more elastic and provide more power as well as provide more cut and spin to the ball, but they tend to break faster.. Thinner strings range from 1.10 – 1.20 mm, while the thicker one ranges from 1.21 – 1.30 mm.

String Composition: Synthetic strings are the most popular choice nowadays and are made of a variety of nylon in different configurations. Multifilament strings (that are synthetic) have taken over from Natural Gut as the preferred choice of string. These strings are made of 100’s-1000;s of fine filaments bound together and either twisted together or bathed in polyurethane to provide excellent performance. Great examples of high end strings are the Tecnifibre 305 or the Ashaway Powernick 18.

Squash Racquet Grip: The grip of a squash racquet is also a vital part that requires attention. A good grip offers the player comfort while playing a squash game. They can also help to absorb sweat while playing. Once the stock grip gets too slippery, that’s a sign that you should replace it with a new grip. There is also the option of buying an overgrip if the regular grip of the racquet seems too small. Popular squash grips are the Karakal Super PU (cushion) or the Wilson Pro (overgrip).

Customizing weight and balance: Another upgrade that can be done is to change the weight and balance of a racquet. This is accomplished by adding lead tape to certain areas of the frame to increase and decrease the balance point. At Racquet Science we use the Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center to weight, balance, and test the swing weights before and after adding lead tape. The Babolat RDC is also a great tool to match multiple racquets so they have the same weight/ balance as well as determine existing racquet specs and match new racquets to players performance requests. 

Need to Upgrade Your Racquet? 

If you’re interested in upgrading your squash racquet, check out our catalogue of top-quality squash accessories from manufacturers such as Wilson, Black Knight, Ashaway, and Tecnifibre.

Or, leave your racquet in the hands of a world-class expert in upgrades and restringing - Larry Howes. Larry’s provided stringing services at major tournaments, including the French Open, the US Open, the Rogers Cup, the Davis Cup Ties, the Pan American Games, the Women's World Squash Championships, and more. Find out more about Racquet Science’s restringing services here.

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