Prince Tour 100T ESP

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The Prince Tour 100T ESP tennis racquet is built to create a balanced combination of spin and control.

Perfect for advanced players with long, fast strokes, this frame features a double bridge vibration dampener for less racquet shock and string vibration.

Weighing in at a 10.6 ounces unstrung, the Tour 100T ESP was constructed with a 9-point head light balance, which allows for extreme maneuverability despite the more substantial weight.

The Tour family of frames includes integrated ESP (Extreme String Pattern) technology designed to give you 30% more spin production and added shot penetration through the use of an open 16x16 string pattern. Prince has also incorporated its EXO3 technology, which utilizes large holes and string suspension to create the feeling of a 54% larger sweet spot.

* Picture shows the 100T. Without ESP.

Grips size is a L0 or 4 0/0.

Head Size : 100 in.2
Length : 27 Inches
Weight : 10.6 Ounces (unstrung) / 11.1 Ounces (strung)
Balance: Head Light
Balance Point: 32.8cm. / 12.9in.
Power Level: Low, Medium
Swing Type: Moderate, Fast & Long
Tension: 55-65 lbs.
String Pattern: 16M x 16C
Beam Width: 20/22/20mm
Flex (RDC): 60
Swing Weight: 307
Grip: Prince ResiPro
Technology : EXO3, ESP, DB
Color : Black/Orange

Cover not included.